Harold Mashauri
90% of degree funded
6250 SEK remaining
Through being a doctor I will be able to join the efforts of those who are battling health care challenges, and ultimately make the world a better place to live.
Medical Laboratory
Yhowceph Baguma
% of degree funded
0 SEK remaining
I want to head my own Diagnostic Centre to transform my community and the nation with solutions to prevailing diseases.


Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emmanuel Maduhu
33% funded
15525 SEK remaining
I have chosen the medical field since I want to help people to understand the importance of consulting doctors before taking medicines.
Isingye Mutekaana
50% funded
634 SEK remaining
My dream is to become a teacher to inspire our youth to become self-advocates of their own learning.
Medical Laboratory Technology
Juma Rashid
0% funded
18644 SEK remaining
I want to be a laboratory professional to save people's lives. I chose this field because my father passed away due to blood pressure and high blood sugar.
Health Laboratory Science
Stanslaus Matiko
50% funded
3611 SEK remaining
My dream job is to be Minister of Health and Culture in Tanzania. I want to prove that we are able to live without all of these health sufferings.