Business Administration
Paschal Ibele
0% of degree funded
11819 SEK remaining
I love teamwork and open communication to ensure my accountability
Rhoida Lungu
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In our family I am the first one to reach to university.


Clinical Medicine
Joyce Tanani
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My dream job is to be a specialist of different diseases such as cervical cancer and breast cancer.
Clinical Dentistry
Joseph Mwasatila
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My dream job is to be a dental therapist because I have since primary school dreamt about being a dentist.
Medical Laboratory
Saphy Amri
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I would like to teach people on the ways through which diseases are transmitted,symptoms,cure and methods to prevent them.
Dental Surgery
Ashiraf Ssegujja
50% funded
18694 SEK remaining
My dream job is to utilize all my skills and potential, giving me an opportunity to make a remarkably positive impact on people's lives