Frank Ngailo
75% of degree funded
7322 SEK remaining
If I treat people and they gain their strength back, they can do their jobs and build our community, and the nation as a whole.
Medical Laboratory
Saphy Amri
0% of degree funded
18899 SEK remaining
I would like to teach people on the ways through which diseases are transmitted,symptoms,cure and methods to prevent them.


Dental Surgery
Ashiraf Ssegujja
50% funded
18694 SEK remaining
My dream job is to utilize all my skills and potential, giving me an opportunity to make a remarkably positive impact on people's lives
Medical Laboratory Technology
Juma Rashid
0% funded
18644 SEK remaining
I want to be a laboratory professional to save people's lives. I chose this field because my father passed away due to blood pressure and high blood sugar.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emmanuel Maduhu
33% funded
15525 SEK remaining
I have chosen the medical field since I want to help people to understand the importance of consulting doctors before taking medicines.
Clinical Dentistry
Michaely Gabo
0% funded
11337 SEK remaining
My dream is to become a facial surgeon so that I can help my community and treat oral diseases.