Medicine & Surgery
Mohamed Hassan
97% of degree funded
1350 SEK remaining
My objective is to be among the best medical doctors produced in Tanzania and to help make a difference in my society.
Medical Laboratory
Yhowceph Baguma
% of degree funded
0 SEK remaining
I want to head my own Diagnostic Centre to transform my community and the nation with solutions to prevailing diseases.


Dental Surgery
Ashiraf Ssegujja
25% funded
24943 SEK remaining
My dream job is to utilize all my skills and potential, giving me an opportunity to make a remarkably positive impact on people's lives
Clinical Medicine
Emmanuel Simon
33% funded
20958 SEK remaining
I have chosen to pursue the medical field to find solutions to the different medical problems facing society such as malaria, cholera and HIV.
Library and Information Studies
Ashery Chishami
66% funded
3380 SEK remaining
I decided to take this course so that when I finish my studies, I will be able to overcome the overarching ignorance in the community.
Health Laboratory Sciences
Anthony Sebastian
0% funded
7222 SEK remaining
I am aware of the scarcity of experts in this field, so I study medicine to improve our health services.