Business Administration
Paschal Ibele
0% of degree funded
11819 SEK remaining
I love teamwork and open communication to ensure my accountability


Biomedical Engineering
Aneth Kameta
0% of degree funded
11337 SEK remaining
My dream is to build a company dealing with designing and developing medical equipment.


Charles Mpingo
50% funded
1663 SEK remaining
I want to work hard in the field to uprise drug quality status of the nation.
Business Administration
Chausiku Emma
50% funded
1647 SEK remaining
My dream job is to be a large business person and to advice the young people to engage in business or entrepreneurship.
Range Management
Richard Senkondo
25% funded
7676 SEK remaining
I like socializing with people, to engage in relations and to connect with new people through different contexts.
Wildlife Management
Emmanuel Peneza
25% funded
8197 SEK remaining
My contribution to the society is generally bringing the light on how important wild animals are in development.