Telecommunications Engineering
Sayuni Haule
83% of degree funded
3289 SEK remaining
I wish to acquire enough technological skill to influence the development of our community. Communication is everywhere and is an important factor for development.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zaituni idd Juma
2% of degree funded
14350 SEK remaining
My dream is to be a pharmacist and I have chosen this line of study to learn how to produce drugs to use for both treatment and prevention.


Occupational Therapy
Innocent Isaria
0% funded
7685 SEK remaining
Through community based rehabilitation strategies I will help people with disability to access aid and rehabilitation.
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Emmanuel Maduhu
0% funded
23287 SEK remaining
I have chosen the medical field since I want to help people to understand the importance of consulting doctors before taking medicines.
Lambert Nicas
50% funded
6055 SEK remaining
I will help society by giving them education on how they can avoid infections, help the sick to recover and provide knowledge in general health issues.
Saidi Abasi
56% funded
3833 SEK remaining
Since I was young, I had a dream of one day being able to save people using my own hands.