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We believe knowledge is the key to sustainable development. Our students study to become the next generation of nurses, doctors, teachers and engineers. Their common vision is to contribute to positive change in Tanzania.


Order a giftcard and contribute to our students' education. The giftcard comes with a personal code, and the receiver of your gift will be able to login to our crowdfunding platform and allocate the sum of the giftcard. Choose how many giftcards you wish to order, and which sum each card is charged with. For countries outside Sweden, we can only send the digital version of the giftcard (1-2 business days delivery). 100% of your donation directly goes directly to school fees for our students.

Whether it's a gift for employees, a guest lecturer, or just someone you care about - order through filling in the form below.

Thank you for contributing to a brighter future for our students and Tanzania!

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