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Aurelia Hatungimana

Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition at Sokoine University of Agriculture

Dream job

My dream job is to be a nutritionist, both in my country and internationally. I want to educate the society about the importance of food and nutrition. Especially stigmatized groups that are being neglected and also have a lack of knowledge about nutrition, resulting in a poor health.


Beside my studies I like to read books, dance and cook food. I also enjoy being engaged in different clubs, like the Malihai Club.


I was born and raised in the Maswa District. I am currently living in the Simiyu Region with my family and relatives. I began my O-level studies at Anagamazo Secondary School in Karatu. I continued my studies at Nganza Girls High School in Mwanza. At the moment I am studying for my bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition at Sokoine University Of Agriculture.


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Hellow its shortbreak holiday ,as childcare provider i got chance to play with children and make them feel apecial,am a proudly aunt and caregiver.

Family is the foundation of many things in the world,theway we rise our kids matters alot because it determine their future,and the type of people they will be later in life.....children are the gifts and from God.lets love them and support was great moment with this children may God bless their moves.

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Thank you lord for the gift of life and every chances in life ,am really happy to be in such loving and caring family ,am feeling blessed and my appreciation to help to help team for the scholarship . it was good news being accepted as a member in the family. I believe that we are going to work together as a family to help others reach their goals as the way you are giving us support toward our dreams.thank you for the love support and care.

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