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Elihuruma Lukumay

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering at University of Dar es Salaam

Dream job

My biggest dream is to become a competent industrial engineer and help to save my nation and the society from environmental effects. We can actually minimize the negative impacts on the environment by controlling industrial effects. And maybe even more important; I want to educate my society and the upcoming generations.


My personal interests are to learn different systems of mechanical engines, developing business ideas, listening to radio and music. I also like to watch and play football.


I am Elihuruma Lucumay, I am the last born in a family of four children. I was born in the Babati district in the Manyara region. Before my father passed away in 2003 my parents were farmers. My family is very traditional and know little about education. No one in the family has ever attended school except me due to traditional beliefs of the Masai society. However, I was motivated to study and got selected by Mbeya University of Science and Technology, to study electrical engineering. But due to financial problems I could not pursue my degree. Finally, I got selected to join University of Dar es Salaam where I am studying at the moment.


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Hello to all,

Here by to give much respect and special acknowledgements to my sponsors HELP TO HELP and our DONORS for supporting me in journey of my studies, and accomplishment of my dreams as well as targets, and this really touches entirely bottom of my heart but nothing to pay back rather than sending elevator down to push others up to fulfill their ambitions as well as goals in their their position.

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