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Highness Prosper Shao

Bachelor of Doctor in Medicine at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical College

Dream job

My dream job is to become a competent gynecologist. I’m interested in this field because I sympathize with girls and women who are always deprived of their basic rights. I have witnessed girls and women encountering a number of difficulties such as serious health complications like breast and cervical cancer, miscarriages, abortions and a lot of complications during deliveries like fistulas. Yet, the society can’t see all the difficulties this precious group is going through, instead they keep on burdening them with exhaustive tasks, denying them of their basic rights - like the right to education, expressing their views and feelings, right to form associations with different women development organizations etc. According to my views, women are going through all these issues because of lack in knowledge about their rights, including the right to get quality health services and proper productive health education. I wish I can reach my dream and play my part as a health facilitator to rescue women’s lives and forming an organization in which women will get a proper reproductive health education, forming a strong voice for women against all cultural and traditional beliefs and practices that deprive them of their basic rights.


Apart from my studies, I enjoy singing in a choir group in church and with my friends. I also enjoy composing different poems, writing inspirational quotes and reading inspirational books as well as listening to inspirational speeches.


My name is Highness Prosper Shao. I’m the first child in a family of four children. I have two twin siblings, Glory and Ronald and a younger brother called Baraka. Currently, my two twin siblings and I live with our uncle and our younger brother is staying with our grandparents because our parents have passed away. I was admitted to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, where I am now pursuing my first degree as a medical doctor. I am very grateful to God because my dream is still alive and I’m still striving for it to come true.


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Hello family,

It was a good moment to me to hang up with my adorable young sisters and brother at a nearby center and integrated school for the blind at Mwereni . This is a primary school for both children with normal vision and those who are of low vision or completely blind including those who were born blind, became blind at some stages of their lives, the kids with albinism and those who are suffering from congenital skin cancer.

I love staying in this center as often as I get a bit long holiday or during weekends because it makes me feel blessed and helps in sharpening a person I want to be- like a candle held out to light up for those who are hopeless, confused and the lonely. Through this habit I have come to know two great things

1. Sometimes we may have not money or other materials things to give to others but if we devote ourselves to do even small things with great love then we can make a big difference in others people lives.

2. The real happiness is found in giving and spending our times for others ,that we may have nearly everything we need in life if we help others to get what they want

Stay blessed family!

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Feeling happy and excited about this day...hoping you who is reading my activity is super-terrific! Its a wonderful thursday, the first of June, a second day since I finished my mid-semester exam on twenty ninth of May . I am grateful that I did my exams with fully peace of mind and in a calm environment, and I expected the best out of them. I also grateful that I am now counting only about two months to call it a year! I am enjoying my short holiday until next Monday when we are going to proceed with our normal classes.

It has been about three hours since I have arrived here in our library, one of my big plans in these few days of my holiday is to study the anatomy of the lower limb, which is the coming topic in our anatomy subject, I find it motivating when the teacher speaks of something which at least I have idea of!

You know what ? I am now refreshing for few minutes before going back to ...Its through music, music inspires me a lot, when I feel stressed, down, and tired, I turn on the music! Music is beautful, motivating and relieving! I am now listening to one of the most popular songs by phil Collins so-called "True colours" . Phil reminds us that we are unique and valuable despite our disgusting weaknesses, sometimes you may feel absolutely isolated from the rest of the world because of your weaknesses and you may sometimes struggle to hide them from people who surround you, remember this will make you fake! Let them know your true colours, those who really love you will accept you anyway and help you to overcome your weaknesses! Remember no one is perfect. Lets live to focus our strengths, our weaknesses are nothing compared to the good potentials which we are gifted with! Lets be real. Lets listen to phil collins and sing together

"You with sad eyes,

dont be discourage,

oh i realize,

its hard to take courage,

in a world full of people

you can lose sight of it all ,

and darkness inside you,

can make you feel so small

But I see you true colours,

shining through,

i see you true colours,

and thats why i love you,

so dont be afraid to let them show,

your true colours,

true colours are beautful,

like a rainbow'

Are you stressed, tired, confused, disappointed or down?...turn on the music!

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Hi....It is another good Saturday, the weather is calm and conducive for studying indoors and outside there is heavily raining, ...abundant blessings! I am here in our college library revising for my coming mid- semester exams which are going to start on twenty third of this may...I am striving harder and harder and I am optimistic that I am going to do my best!!!! ...stay positive too!

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Hello. I am glad to update my profile for the first time. Its after attending our practical anatomy session in the anatomy laboratory and I am just there getting some fresh air. actually its so nice to be there doing things practically and getting enough time to palpate, touch, and feel what i was only taught in the class and read in books. It helps me to build confidence in my career as creating a practical world in my mind , I am just a first year student but sometimes when in there I feel like I am operating a patient,,,,how lovely is science!!

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