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Simba Khalid

Bachelor of Mining Engineering at University of Dar es Salaam

Dream job

My dream is to be a successful mining engineer. I want to provide and create new job opportunities and at the same time preserve the environment. While also emphasizing the laws which will be of help to people in the mining sector.


Apart from my studies, I like to watch movies, travelling to different places, listening to music, swimming, socializing and meeting new people.


My name is Simba Khalid. I was born in Mwanza, in 1997. I'm the first born in a family of four siblings. My parents are both peasants. In primary school I studied at Lumala Primary School. With the help from my family I was able to study at Thaqaafa Secondary School. Later on, thanks to a family friend, I was able to study at Tusiime High School. I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor of Mining Engineering at the University of Dar es Salaam.


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Engineering is just wonderful..this is on survey training

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Its the beginning of the first semester. The hustling and hard working continues. Thank you help to help for supporting me and giving me a chance to continue this winning battle. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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