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Chosen video: "I've been homeless and helpless"

Watch these videos about Help to Helps work in Tanzania and our fantastic and inspiring students

This chosen video is about our nursing student Baraka, who's been fighting for his future his whole life.

Episode 1 - Join of our workshops

Join one of our workshop to see what how we prepare students for employment.

Episode 2 - Sewage systems and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Meet Engineering student Adam Raha.

Episode 8 – See what a campus is like in Tanzania

In this video, nursing student Baraka shows us his campus and accommodation in Dar es Salaam.

Episode 7 - "I've been homeless and helpless"

Meet nursing student Baraka.

Episode 6 - The first Help to Help student

Neema is the first Help to Help student. She was just about to quit university when she got in contact with Help to Help. See what she is doing now.

Avsnitt 5 - How can Anna change the future of Tanzania?

Anna Lulale has a vision of changing the situation in Tanzania. Through her studies in Agribusiness, she can be a part of the development.

Episode 4 - Teaching student Petro

Petro left his village in the rural south to study in Dar es Salaam – so he can bring back knowledge.

Episode 3 - "What made me succeed was the extra mile"

Naomi got employed through Help to Help's network.