Help to Help’s acclaimed crowdfunding concept was launched in early 2014 as part of our ambition to make it easier to contribute, as well as making it a more intimate and personalized experience.

We are a team of passionate people who believe in the power of education and how it can change the world. We have people based in Stockholm, Sweden and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Political Science
Andrew Mwakalebela
Project Manager
Likes to go to night clubs but doesn't know how to dance (according to himself). Has a blog with job opportunities but never applied for any himself.
Benjamin Gustafsson
Management Assistant
A self-proclaimed film enthusiast who only reads about movies, but rarely ever watches them
Political Science
Clara Luthman
Managing Director
Has a messy apartment but loves to plan her vacations in Google spreadsheet six months in advance.
Information Systems
Epifania Mhagama
IT Systems & Digital Inclusion
Data enthusiast. Loves swimming, but is afraid of water.
Fatuma Komba
Clear as mud an affable person
Husna Mwenda
Assistant admin & finance
Smiles most of the times. Loves to read books but falls asleep reading half a chapter.
International Development and Management
Jeanna Isacson
Partnership & Communications
Master of multitasking in the kitchen, attempting to cook three dishes simultaneously but often confusing ingredients.
Business Law
Jenni Ginström
Loves to swim regardless of water temperature, perhaps thanks to Finnish DNA. Big sauna fan for the same reason.
Political Science
Naomi Shimba
Regional Director East Africa
A die hard fan defending her football team Man City to the last minute. Always up for competition and games.


Christian Appel
Board member
Founding Partner, WorkShop The Retail Agency
Erik Bäck
Board Alternate
Chief Technology Officer, Campusbokhandeln
Gazal Casselborg
Board member
Chancellor, The Swedish Police Union
Malin Cronqvist
Founding Board Member
Founder, Help to Help
Stefan Olsson
Board Member
Founder and Managing Partner, Plank Public Relations AB


Sayumwe Kayanda
Board Member
Co-founder People's Development Forum
Rehema Julius
Board Member
General Manager Atsoko
Paul Mpazi
Board Member
Lawyer, Help to Help alumni
Malin Cronqvist
Board Member
Founder, Help to Help
Lina Jorheden
Chief Operating Officer, SaltX Technology
Jacqueline J. Mwinyimvua
Board Member
Director of Administration & Operations, Care International
Clara Luthman
Board Member
Managing Director