Help to Help’s acclaimed crowdfunding concept was launched in early 2014 as part of our ambition to make it easier to contribute, as well as making it a more intimate and personalized experience.


We are a team of passionate people based in Stockholm, Sweden
and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
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Industrial Engineering at KTH
Malin Cronqvist
Complete mountain junkie and used to work as a ski instructor in Åre. Adds beetroots to any salad or dish.
Political Science at Lund
Clara Luthman
Chief Operating Officer
Has a messy apartment but loves to plan her vacations in Google spreadsheet six months in advance
Political Science at UDSM
Naomi Shimba
Operations Manager
A die hard fan defending her football team Chelsea to the last minute. Always up for competition and games.
Political Science at UDSM
Andrew Mwakalebela
Project Manager
Likes to go to night clubs but doesn't know how to dance (according to himself). Has a blog with job opportunities but never applied for any himself.
Telecommunication at UDSM
Epifania Mhagama
IT boot camp project manager
Skilled at self potential coaching. Loves swimming, but is afraid of water.
Communication at LNU
Linda Nyström
Digital communications officer
Has watched all Marvel movies in chronological order and love breakfast for dinner.
Accounting at T.I.A
Hagai Mayage
Likes tv-shows but somehow always forget which episode he ended at.


Malin Cronqvist
Board member
CEO Help to Help
Mattias Wallin
Board member
Founder Spinn Action Marketing
Catharina Johansson Söderström
Former Partner PWC
Suzán Hourieh Lindberg
Board member
Head of Diversity Management Volvo car Mobility
Erik Bäck
Board member
CTO Medify
Caroline Edelstam
Board member
General Secretary Edelstam Foundation