There are many ways to support Help to Help and the students we enable education for. Below we have listed some of the most common ways. If you have an idea for how you want to support us or get engaged that does not fall in to the categories below, please do contact us via email to



Are you celebrating a birthday but do not want material gifts? Or perhaps you feel like contributing to a good cause and and inspire your friends to do the same? 

Over the years a lot of people have created private fundraisers to support Help to Help.

Here is how to go about it: 

1. Decide if you want to fundraise via Facebook or directly via Bank Account or Swish.

2. If you want to fundraise via Facebook follow these steps: 

Go to Help to Help's page on Facebook here and press "Raise Money".

Decide on a target for your fundraiser, write a description and follow the instructions. You may decide to make a general fundraiser for Help to Help, to raise funds for a specific field of study or for a specific student. If you want to raise funds for a specific student, please email us and we will help allocate a student to support.

When you share your fundraiser with friends you may tell them that if they do not prefer the payment methods provided by Facebook, they may contribute directly via bank account: 900-5046 or Swish: 123-900-5406. Donations that do not go via Facebook's preferred payment methods will not show on your fundraiser since they are not integrated, but Help to Help will be able to let you know the total amount raised and update you about it.

3. If you want to create a fundraiser via Bank Account or Swish, follow these steps: 

Email and include the following information; who you are, who you are fundraising for (for example a friend's birthday or your own), if you want to fundraise for Help to Help in general, for a specific field of students or for a specific student.

We will provide you with communication material of your choice to include in an email or send with birthday party invitations. We can for example provide you with images, a short description of Help to Help and a QR code for Swish to scan for those who want to join the fundraiser.

4. If you want to create a fundraiser via Betternow, follow this link.


A COrporate fundraisING 

If you want to create a corporate fundraising campaign in relation to a business event, a sports activity or a corporate communication campaign, please contact us via and we will make sure to assist you the best we can!



Our level of education often has a large impact on our lives. Many of us we consider our profession both a passion and something we identify ourselves with. We are honored and grateful every time someone decides to honor the memory of a loved one by supporting Help to Help's cause - education for students.

Here is how you go about creating a fundraiser in memory of a loved one: 

1. Let friends and family know about the fundraiser by referring to Help to Help in the death notice. For convenience, include the bank account and Swish number directly and if possible our website and email. You may for example write: 

Please consider supporting higher education for students in East Africa through Help to Help through BG: 900-5406 or Swish: 123-900-5406. Mark your donation with your name and the cause e.g. "From Malin Cronqvist in memory of Anna Ali".

2. We summarize all donations made, one or two days before the funeral and send a gift card with the names of all who have honored the memory with a donation to the relatives of the deceased.

3. Friends and family who wishes to get a personal gift card of their donation to bring to the funeral or send the relatives can download a gift card below. It is possible to insert a personal note and send it via email or print it out.  

4. You are always welcome to contact us directly if you have questions via email to or via phone +467040847474.


More than 100 women participated in the IT boot camp, filling up every seat in the computer labs. Three trainers managed by a project coordinator led the practical training in the labs taking the participants from the very basics of navigating the computer desktop to using Microsoft Office to create their own business plan, budgets and presentations about their personal fictional company. The practical sessions were mixed with inspirational lectures from Doris Masega, HR Manager at Scania Tanzania, visits to innovation hubs and panel discussions.

The evaluations show that 99% of the participants feel the boot camp meets its objectives. Furthermore, the knowledge test shows that the participants have increased their practical skills remarkably and 99% say they want to deepen their knowledge in one or more of the areas covered in the trainings, showing that the interest for ICT has grown immensely.  Lastly, the evaluation comments show that the IT boot camp has indeed raised the awareness about gender equality and helped build participants confidence and will to share their knowledge with others.